Metal Detector MD-4030

Metal Detector MD-4030

Metal Detector MD-4030

Metal Detector MD-4030

This MD4030 detector is the ideal entry-level machine. Through your detectors, you can explore coins, ruins, jewels, gold and silver everywhere. This detector is versatile and very easy to use.


Explore metal objects buried in the ground. Widely used in security inspections, outdoor treasure hunt, metal inspection and more.

Product size: 55X23X2CM

Net weight: 1.2KG

Certification: FCC CE ROHS

Product Features:

1. Two modes of operation: Full metal mode, recognition mode

2. Volume adjustment: Adjust the volume of the speakers and headphones

3. Headphones excuse: can be connected to the headset (not provided)

4. Pointer display: the pointer will swing with the discovery of the metal

5. Waterproof detection disk: metal detectors can be used in shallow water

6. Adjustable rod: adjust the length of the metal detector


1. Power: 2 x 9V (6F22) (battery needs to be purchased by the customer)

2. Frequency: 5.0 KHz

3. Current: Static: 10mA Maximum: 70mA

4. Voltage: 7.2-9.6V

5. Sensitivity: US 25 Cent: 130mm

6. Display mode: mechanical pointer mode sound mode

7. Telescopic length: 30.7-42.1 inches

8. Detection disk diameter: 6.5 inches

9. Color: Black

  • Product Code: SBDCE002
  • Reminder: Kindly confirm stock availability with seller before commit ordering .
  • RM175.00

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